Sea Adventures in Ireland

Now that I am in the midst planning a wedding to my travel partner in crime, we are currently concocting a smaller scale adventure for next summer; one that is a little closer to our home country of England.

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Despite having travelled far and wide, to a number of sunny and snowy destinations, there are so many beautiful locations that we are yet to see throughout the UK and Ireland.

Beginning with Ireland (as that’s where my grandma is from and she always tells me how beautiful it is) a country with full with picturesque landscapes, Guinness and, of course, Leprechauns ;)

Travel around Ireland

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First step to consider: how to get we choose a car, plane or boat?

There are a number of flights to Ireland that go from a range of UK and international airports. However, we are looking to drive around Ireland so that we can visit lots of locations – leading me onto my next route, marine transportation*. Now that’s an adventure in itself.

Crossing the Irish Sea, this route leaves the Gladstone Branch Dock No.3 in Liverpool Freeport and travels to Dublin Port after a 7.5-8.5 hour journey (depending on your route).

Accommodation in Ireland

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From hostels to hotels, there are a million and one places to stay in Ireland to suit any budget. Seeing as this is a shorter travel adventure, we will have a little more money to spend on accommodation and so Air BnB may be the perfect choice to offer more of an authentic Irish experience.

Things to see and do in Ireland 

Ireland has something for everyone to see and do – with a variety of walks, tours, history, beaches, shopping, nightlife etc – here’s my top three things that I would like to experience.

Dublin: A trip to the Guinness factory

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Having experienced my first brewery tour in Brooklyn and with Guinness being one of my favourite alcoholic drinks (plus it helps to warn off those pesky mosquitoes, paying a trip to the St Jame’s Gate Brewery is a must!

For more information on tours and tickets click here.

Cork: An Irish jig

My grandma loves a good old ‘Irish jig’ and the Pulses of Tradition promises just this. Located in Triskel Christchurch, this event is voted as a number one thing to do in Cork and it involves a night of traditional Irish dancing, folk music and ales.

For more information on tickets, click here.

Killarney: An outdoor adventure

If you love to soak up the stunning green landscapes of Ireland, then be sure to visit Killarney National Park for a walk or bike ride. Here you will find everyone from historical castles to boat rides to spectacular gardens. Visit Killarney National Park for more information.  

If you have any ‘must-see’ places in Ireland, then please send me a tweet @EatTravelLove.
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