[Fill my head with the future. Fill my eyes with the sky] Welcome to Nottingham

As some of you may know, I was born and raised in Nottingham (hence the Jake Bugg lyrical reference) and then moved to Manchester back in 2006. After many years in my second home, Manchester, we (me and my fiancee) decided to move back to our home town after our big adventure around North and Central America. 

Having lived in the suburbs of Nottingham as a child, I never really got to witness first hand, just how beautiful my home city actually was. I suppose that years of travel adventures makes you look out for the beautiful things to see - like the first image in this post. This stunning building is located next to my apartment building. 

* Chilling out, relaxing, acting all cool in my cheeky new Ray Bans * whilst looking out into Nottingham

My Favourite Pictures of Nottingham

But hey, you don't need me to really sell it to you, just take a look at my photos from an afternoon stroll around the city. 

From looking through my pictures, it's safe to say that what Nottingham lacks in the size of the city, it certainly makes up for in beautiful buildings, kooky bars and hidden caves throughout the city. 
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