London Indulging: Burger & Lobster

Recently I went to go and visit one of my closest friends for the day in London as I hadn't seen him in so long. In fact - the last time I saw him was when he was taking a holiday in Miami and we were on our grand American adventure and we decided to catch up with cocktails on the renowned Ocean Drive.

Anyway, not only has he been one of my best friends for 6 years - but he also knows all the good places to go in London for food and so we went to an amazing restaurant called, Burger and Lobster.

No surprises for guessing what's on the menu - these restaurants are located all throughout London and we went to the branch near beautiful St Pauls Cathedral.

Walking in, you're greeted by a rustic fisherman style restaurant with exposed brick, modern metals and huge lobster cages hanging from the ceilings to add to the overall authenticity of the restaurant. Looking at this cool, contemporary decor I had a feeling that this lunch was going to cost me a lot of money. 

But here's the best bit...for the price of £20 you can enjoy full lobster or a meaty burger. Now a full lobster for £20 is definitely worth the money in my eyes. But my friend also opted for the burger, which to be fair wasn't your average sized burger - it was more like half a cow.

When the food arrived, the only way to describe it was divine. My full lobster - served with chips and salad - was so soft and tender with a good amount of meat on it. The burger was also cooked to perfection and my friend was asked in the beginning how he would like his burger - rare, medium or well done.

You can read more of the reviews over on their Trip Advisor page. Overall, the food and the service was brilliant. I would highly recommend going for the lobster if you should ever pay them a visit in London. 
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