People all over the world, start a love train!

One thing I love about travelling is getting to make friends from all around the world. In my travel adventures, I have been fortunate enough to become friends with people from the USA, Canada Greece, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Australia and various parts of the UK.
It's in these friendships that I have shared some of my favourite travel memories, like camping under the stars in Australia and climbing an active volcano in Guatemala and I feel so grateful for all the adventures that I have been able to share with them.
My second favourite thing that I love about travelling is being able to share my adventures with you guys on Eat Travel Love and chatting with other travel and lifestyle bloggers to get inspiration for all of my new adventures.
So when I received a nomination from my best friend, In The Frow, I felt pretty honoured. She had chosen me and another blogger to be apart of something called Random Acts of Kindness. A lovely idea from Debenhams, where they have started off with a handful of bloggers and have asked them to nominate two of their best blogger friends, to tell people why they love them and to choose something from their bracelet range* to send to them - resulting in a chain of kindness. 

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Victoria for nominating me and I  look forward to receiving my surprise bracelet. Now I would like to pass my chain onto fabulous ladies. 

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