Enjoy a Taste of Belgium with Costas new Hot Chocolate

Whilst backpacking through Europe, I was devastated to find out that we didn't have enough time to stop off in Belgium and enjoy some mouth watering, authentic Belgian chocolates.

But, never fear, for I will return to Belgium either very soon to fill my tummy full of tantalising truffles from La Belgique Gourmande. This famous chocolate store is location on the rue de la Colline and is close to the Grand Palace.
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But for now, I will have to make use of the yummy new range of Belgian Hot Chocolatesfrom one of my favourite coffee houses, Costa*

A taste of Belgium in your local Costa

Everyone has their favourite place to relax and enjoy a drink and for years me and my best friends (including the lovely In the Frow, who I stole this picture from) often enjoy a cheeky little Costa date where we indulge in their hot chocolates with all the trimmings and have a good old gossip.

A taste of Belgium in your local Costa...

So, when the lovely people at Costa alerted me to their new luxury Belgian hot chocolate range - I had to write up a quick post on this chocoholics delight. 

You have the option of two tastes of Belgium - stating with the hot chocolate shot. Made by melting pure 100% Belgian chocolate *SWOON* - for the price of £2.50 this is what I call heaven at good price. 

The second option on the menu is a smaller amount of melted Belgian hot chocolate that is then served with super creamy milk - I can tell already that this is going to be a very tough choice. This once may be more 'drinkable' and isn't too much more money - costing £2.95 per mug. 

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Either way, it looks like my next mini adventure to see my best friends will also include enjoying our regular Costa trips with a little taste of Belgian. 

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