Annie's American Burgers in Nottingham

When moving to a new city, you always have those exciting times a head of new places, landmarks and restaurants to explore. So when I heard about this 'must-eat' burger restaurant in Nottingham, I was intrigued to say the least.

If you've ever read the eat section of Eat Travel Love, then you will know I've been to my fair share of proper burger restaurants like Byron Burger, Almost Famous, Five Guys, Johnny Rockets - yes I'm a fatty.
Then when I started to look more into this "Annies Burger Shack", I soon discovered this is an oasis of classic American food that specialises in over 30 different burgers. So I paid a visit and it's safe to say the Elvis burger is one of the best things I have even eaten.

Here I have gathered all the info that you will need to experience an epic Annie burger.

Who's Annie? 

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This restaurant is no gimmick or global chain and Annie is 100% American. Known to everyone else as Anmarie Spaziano, she is one of the nicest people I've spoken to. Humbled by her success and grateful for every customer who walks through her door. You only need to check out their Facebook page to see how dedicated they are to customer service and meeting their high customer demands. Which leads me onto my next point...


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Like anything in life, if it's amazing, then it's worth waiting for. You can book in advance at, complete their booking form or you can simply walk into the restaurant which is located in the trendy Lace Market of Nottingham. Here's the catch. Annies is almost always fully booked. They try their best all the time, but due to the popular demand some walk in waits can be up to 90 minutes and you need to book at least a month in advance to be guaranteed a table. For some people this may be slightly off putting, but trust me you will regret it if you pay a visit to Nottingham and do not go. Be prepared and cut them a break!

The Food

Annie's serves up over 30 different burgers for you to choose from and if you can eat all of them (not at once) then you get an Annies t-shirt. The menu literally offers something for everyone. You can find out their full list of burgers here, but I opted for the outstanding Elvis Burger. 

What is this I hear you ask? Peanut Butter, Jelly and Meat. Sounds so wrong but is SO right!

Customer Reviews

Don't take my word for how amazing the food is. You can head over to a number of sources like Facebook, Instagram or Trip Advisor to here what people have to say about Annies amazing food.

So there you have it. An amazing authentic burger shack that is a must-visit when seeing Nottingham.

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