Home Ramblings with Wilko: Living Room Inspiration

Welcome to part two of my home ramblings blog posts with the help of Wilko.com*. After writing about my vintage aqua and red kitchen inspiration, I am now looking into inspirational images and locations from all around the world, so that I can develop some living room inspiration to go into my brand new apartment.
J'aime Mon Maroc !!! | via Facebook
Image: We Heart It
My new living room is also apart of my kitchen and so I don't want the colour schemes to be too difference. Therefore, I have opted for more of the berry reds with neutral beige's and whites for the living room area and have continued with the occasional silver feature, like the kitchen, to continue with a modern feel.

Of course I had to have this amazing embroidered map cushion - it wouldn't be my home without all the memories of my adventures in it. This is by far my favourite out of everything here. 

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