Around The World: Fairy Tale Romantic Getaways

When I was a kid in the late 90s, I grew up watching just about every single Disney film that was going. Every birthday or Christmas I would be treated to the a new Disney movie on VHS. So it is pretty much safe to say that I grew up with fairy tale, princesses and heroes being a prominent part of my life.
Obviously, now that I am in my mid-twenties the idea of someone riding on a white horse, dressed in armour to come and rescue me from an evil queen every time that I have a difficult day, is probably asking a little too much of my fiancee! 

But I was thinking more along the lines of alternative trips / adventures for Valentines Day. (Guys you're welcome) As what girl doesn't want to be treated like a princess on Valentines Day and so what better way to take her on a surprise trip to a beautiful castle.
Throughout the UK there are a number of historic castles to visit, but I thought I'd look at some that are also in a land, far far away.

Fairy Tale Trips for Valentines Day

A Palace in Abu Dhabi
For an Aladdin style fairy tale getaway, then why not pay a visit to this luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. 

According to travel reports, rooms go on an average of £750 a night. You can find more photos and reviews over on Trip Advisor here

A Chateau in France 

A tale as old as time...The Château de Chambord in France was actually the inspiration for the Beasts castle and is one of the most recognisable chateaus in the world due to the renascence architecture. 
Built in 1500 for the French Kind Louis I; Unfortunately, you can't stay overnight here. However, since 2007, it has been open to the public to go and visit. 

(So basically, you can still do the beauty and and the beast dance in the ballroom hehe. But you just don't have to stay in the forbidden West Wing.)

More information can be found at

A Medieval Castle in Germany
If you hate eating your five a day - mainly due to what happened to the German fairy tale princess, Snow White - then you may also want to pay a visit to the Neuschwanstein medieval castle in Germany - which is just like the one the Snow ran away from.
Built in the 19th century - so not quite fitting to the time of Snow White, but none the less; this breathtaking castle is location on a large hill above the village had of Hohenschwangau, close to Fussen. 

Again, not a fairy tale place that you can sleep in, but you can still pay a visit and dream away in a high tower. According to other travel sources, this is also one of the most visited landmarks in Europe. 

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