Yo! Mama: Lunch Date at Yo Sushi

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm obsessed with the popular Japanese food of sushi! It is by far one of my favourite things to eat and Yo!Sushi is certainly one of my favourite places to pick up a fresh and quick lunch.
With an abundance of freshly cooked food coming around on the belt, Yo! is a great place to go for lunch as you can sit in or get food to takeaway.

Since it was introduced to me by one of my best friends from Wigan, over the years I have roped in numerous friends to develop a love this for this Japanese food chain: I even found their first American branch in Washington DC on travels last year. 
However, today I decided to take m mama along for their latest offer of #BlueJanuary

As we sat in our comfy booth and poured water from the tap, watched the amazing chefs prepare an array of yummy looking salmon, vegetables and rice in front of us. 

How does Yo! Sushi Work?

Well, Yo! Sushi works on a colour coding price range of plates and the blue plates (at £2.50) are the cheapest on the menu. So throughout January you can pretty much eat anything off the menu for £2.50. On the 'non offer' days/month the cheapest plate is now the blue one at £2.50 and the most expensive plate is the yellow or grey ones at £6.00 a plate. 

For people who say "sushi is too expensive"

YO! Offers: You can also get a similar deal to #BlueJanuary all year round and that is Blue Mondays; this is where all of the plates are £2.50. In addition to this, they also do an all you can eat offering called Sumo Sundays - no guessing which day this is on - but I have also taken part in this.

For £19 you can have any plates off the belt and eat as much as you want. Me and my best friend made it to over £80's worth of sushi for the total price of £40. We were well and truly stuffed!! (That photo shows before we indulged in dessert plates)

For people who say "I won't eat raw fish"...

I can assure you there is far more on the menu than this! Some of my favourite dishes include: 
  • Hairy King Prawns 
  • Salmon Skin Rolls
  • Katsu Curry 
  • Spicey Seafood Soup
Here is a little sneak peek into some of the dishes that their menu has to offer. 

So there you have it...perfect fresh Japanese food to sit in and enjoy or to takeaway.

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