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I have been very lucky in my life to have traveled to some pretty amazing places. But one place I really am desperate to visit is Morroco.

Honestly WTF
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I am in love with the hand made, intricate decor and fabrics that you can find from a local market or souk.

Combining rich vibrant colours with natural fabrics and metals, I have decided that I would like to take this theme/inspiration into the living room of our new apartment.

Colorful lamps in the Souk of Marrakech, Morocco (by Abercrombie).

(As many of you may have read, this year I have moved back to my home town of Nottingham after our grand adventure around North and Central America. So at the moment we are looking for a new apartment to rent before we commit to buying a "grown up house".)

Visit my Polyvore Board to see a list of retailers featured. 

Simple Citrus...

Cushions: Starting with the cushions. I love this bright orange and beige zigzag print, combined with this amazing map print pillow from H&M home. Both are simple, yet statement, cushions but when paired together I feel like they work really well. 

Candle Holders: Next up are these beautiful orange candle holders. I love to have candles in my home all year round. Not only do they smell amazing, but they create a beautiful ambiance. 

Flowers: Usually, I will always opt for fresh flowers in my home. However, constantly buying fresh hydrangeas can be costly and I have a wedding and more travel adventures to save for ;) You can buy really impressive fake flower arrangements for a little cost. 

Blankets: For me comfort is everything in my home.  Like the candles, I love to have soft throws and blankets on my sofas for those days when all you want is your favourite movie and pajamas.

Lamps: This Mosaic lamp is simple and a statement in itself. A classic example of less is more.

A new homewear feature on Eat Travel Love...

And so, in the same way that travel broadens our minds, I will be broadening my blog to incorporate two of my loves travel and my home. 

I love collecting trinkets and souvenirs as I go. Taking a piece of my adventures back home with me. 

Which is why this new section of the blog will be called, Rambling Home. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

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