3 Budget Supermarkets / Grocery Stores in America

Last summer I embarked on a four month trip around North and Central America, and like all of my travelling experiences it was pretty epic.

As I am sure most travelers will agree, when it comes to buying food it’s important to stick within your budgets. From eating at famed restaurants to trying tasty local street food, I tried it all in America – with my favourite being hot dogs with mustard and ketchup in New York.
Beyonce loves shopping at Walmart! (Image: We Heart It)
However, from time to time it was nice to head to the local supermarket/grocery store and actually make our own meals and it’s also a great way try local produce and save money on taxes and tips in restaurants – especially if you cook in a big group of people.

In America there are a number of good organic grocery/supermarkets such as Whole Foods. As well as a number of local farmers markets that have an amazing collection of fresh and home grown products. But one thing I found was that the fresh fruit and vegetables, compared to UK prices, were much more expensive.

Therefore, if you are on a small or strict budget, then here are three cheap supermarket / grocery stores that are great for travelers on a budget.


Image: gerarddirect.com
The big daddy of all supermarket chains... known as Asda in the UK, travelers will be able to find Walmart stores throughout the whole of America and are also in Mexico. These guys are known as the cheapest supermarket in America.

Click here to find a local Walmart Store near you.


Image: mangoworldmagazine.blogspot.com 
I was actually shocked to see a Safeway store in Washington DC, as this was a budget supermarket chain that was bought out in the UK around 10 years ago by the UK chain, Morrison’s. However, you can still find discounted food, drink and cosmetics here.

Click here to find a local Safeway Store near you.

Trader Joes 

Image: www.ericrojasblog.com
A little fact, unknown to me, is that Trader Joes is a part of the popular discounted German Supermarket chain of Aldi. We visited a Trader Joes whilst in Chicago and actually purchased 5 days worth of lunches and dinner for people for a total cost of $35.

Click here to find a local Trader Joes Store near you.

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