Guest Post: Healthy Travelling Tips

As you all know, I have recently been travelling around Central America and the USA and loved her minute of it. The sites, the food and the crazy experiences that make the best travelling stories.

However, when travelling it can be difficult to keep healthy when travelling (especially with all of this tasty American burgers). So when the guys from Electric Boom* sent me an email about a helpful post on keeping health when travelling, I thought it would be a great idea for all travellers to read.

I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear your healthy travelling tips over on Eat Travel Love Twitter and Facebook (don't forget to include the guys over at Electric Boom too using @ebloomtravel).

Healthy Travelling Tips

If you’re travelling – and that’s whether you’ve decided to jet off for a couple of weeks on holiday, or if you’re having to spend a lot of time en route to various work meetings – it can be pretty tricky to stay healthy.

When you’re in transit or away from home, it quickly becomes tough to stick to any sort of routine, meaning that your diet and exercise regime will be disrupted. You can’t really get any exercise on the train or in the car, and airports and restaurants are often full of indulgent, unhealthy foods.

You’re supposed to have a good experience when travelling, but it’s easy to feel terrible once you’ve deviated from the norm. If you’re hoping to avoid the sedentary lifestyle associated with the long-haul and stop the pounds from piling on, we’ve got some great tips for you.

Keep on Movin’

Image: CNN
Nothing to do with 5ive, we swear! If you’re travelling a long distance in on a plane, you might want nothing more than to lose yourself in a book or get some sleep. Instead, you should try to get up and move about at regular intervals, even just walking to the toilet and back.

If you’re in the car, try doing stretches when you can (like when stuck in traffic), and go for a decent walk if you stop at a service station.

Eat Healthily

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Of course, when you’re travelling it is only natural to treat yourself to a few naughty bites to eat – you’re allowed to indulge a little, after all! However, try not to go overboard, as you’ll quickly notice the difference.

If you pack some healthy food for the plane/car journey, you can avoid shelling out a fortune for terrible in-flight/service station food and eat nutritiously while you’re at it.

If you’re on holiday, don’t forget to eat fruit and veg!

Stay Fit

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If you’re lucky enough to be staying a great hotel with a gym or you’re on an Electric Bloom holiday, you should have no trouble whatsoever in staying fit, but for the rest of us, here are a couple simple tips.

Walk more – instead of paying for a taxi to get you down to the shops or the beach, why not see if walking there is feasible? You’ll get some good exercise and be able to scout out the local area while you’re at it.

Work out – if you get a bit of free time to yourself, try and put together a quick exercise regime. Even something as simple as sit ups, press ups, and star jumps can have a great effect over time.

Other Ways to Keep Healthy

Water bottles, British Virgin Islands - July 2011
Image: We Heart It
If you’re abroad, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to do in certain situations. You should definitely make sure you keep hydrated, but what if the tap water isn’t the safest where you are? If this is the case, buy a few bottles of water and keep them on you at all times.

It can also be worthwhile to bring some hand sanitiser along with you to make sure your hands stay germ-free. And if you’re going somewhere warm, don’t forget the sun cream!
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