Antigua to La Ceiba with Hedman Alas Buses

Our final country on the trip was going to be Honduras. However, due to timing we only had a week to get from Antigua in Guatemala down to La Ceiba in Honduras so that we could catch the ferry over to the beautiful Bay Islands.

So after reading many travel blogs and forums from people who had travelled through Central America, we decided to use the popular bus company, Hedman Alas

Booking Tickets with Headman Alas

There is the option to book bus tickets online or to visit the Hedman Alas offices which are located throughout Guatemala and Honduras. 

We visited their offices in Antigua (Building 19, 5 Calle Norte) to inquire about a journey straight through to La Ceiba. Their helpful advisor told us that it would be no problem to go to La Ceiba, but it would consist of 4 stops - Guatemala City, Copain, San Pedro and finally La Cieba. The bus runs (from Antigua) at either 3:30 am or 6:00am and is due to arrive in La Ceiba at 6:30pm or 9:00pm.

The tickets cost us $40 each, but for a 16-17 hour journey, I didn't think this was so bad. 

Hedman Alas Pick Up and Drop Off Points 

The idea of four stops sounded like a little bit if a nightmare to me, however you actually stay on the same bus for the majority of your journey and switch in San Pedro. 

You also stop at the Hedman Alas bus stations in each of these destinations to stretch your legs, grab a drink and make a short bathroom break. 

We only had to switch on our first and last stop from Antigua to Guatemala City and San Pedro to La Ceiba.

Starting off the journey, we were picked up outside our hostel at 6:00am sharp (which is unusual for Central America travel as they are usually 15 minutes late) on a luxury mini bus owned by Headman Alas. The driver was so lovely and carries both our heavy backpacks inside for us so that we can check in our luggage.

Checking In, Bags and Luggage 

Hedman are very organised when it comes to checking tickets and luggage. Each item is luggage item is checked in and given a luggage label to your go final destination. The bags also stay on the bus until your final destination even though you stop off for breaks at other bus deports. 

Just like when you travel through the airport, you undergo bag check and body scan with a metal detector; I think this is a brilliant idea as it reassures your safety when traveling with them. They also take your photo (I'm not 100% sure this is) but I imagine it is also for security reasons. 

Food and Drink on Hedman Alas 

If you pay for the first class seats, the you served a complementary sandwich, snack and drink. If you pay for the standard seating - like we did - then you are given a snack and drink. You can also take your own food and drink on board, just no alcohol. 

Crossing the Guatemala and Honduras border with Hedman Alas

We have crossed three borders at this point in our journey and so we know what to expect. Exit the bus, go to the border immigration office, get a stamp to say you've left, cross the border and pay $3 to enter Honduras. 

Travelling with Hedman Alas is the same thing, but rather than lug you backpack through customs, it is left on the bus and checked separately as the bus goes across the border. Once you are through, you then get back on the bus and continue with your journey. 

Stop off times from our journey...

Below is an overview of our stop times from this journey. These may vary on your journey. 

  • Antigua - Guatemala = 1 hour 
  • Stop time = 1 hour 
  • Guatemala - Honduras Border = 6 Hours 
  • Border stop time = 30 minutes 
  • Honduras Border to Copan = 30 Minutes 
  • Copan Stop Time = 1 Hour 
  • Copan to San Pedro = 3 Hours 
  • San Pedro Stop Time = 1.5 hours 
  • San Pedro to La Ceiba = 2.5 hours 
Total Time = 17 Hours 

Hedman Alas Journey Overview

With cool A/C, televisions, reclining seats and curtains. The journey was as pleasant as can be for 14-17 hours of travel. The staff were very professional and never let anything slip. Each time you got back on the bus in the Hedman Alas depo, your ticket was checked and your photo taken. 

Another safety factor that I like, is that Hedman Alas have their own depots that are gated and all if your luggage either remains on the same bus or is transferred (from your luggage tags) onto your connecting bus. 

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