A Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers Christmas Wishlist

Each year I get asked by my family and friends what I would like for Christmas and I genuinely become speechless. My mind goes blank and I usually reply with "oh you know me, anything will do" and then I end up buying all the gifts I wanted for myself. But of course, Christmas isn't about spending a huge amount of money on gifts, it's about being with people who make you happy in life - whether that be a group of people you meet on your travels or sitting down with your family on Christmas day.

But this year, for the people who would like/have asked to buy me a gift, (of course you lovely readers can feel free to also buy me any of these hehe) I have actually sat down and given it some thought as to what my Christmas wishlist would be. And seeing as it's the season of good will and all that ;) ... I thought I would share it with you lovely readers as it may be helpful if you're looking to purchase gifts or if you need to give someone an idea as to what you would like for Christmas.

See my Polyvore Board for details of the products. 

Travel Accessories 

On my recent travel adventure, I noticed a number of people who had really lovely passport holders, travel wallets and luggage tags. Personally, I love to wear and accessorize with bright colours all year round and not just the summer months. So, something like this fuchsia pink or sunshine yellow holders would be perfect.

My next 'big' purchase/must have is going to be an SLR camera so that I can capture even more amazing pictures from my travels. I think that this may have to be a personal purchase, as I have no idea where to start with 'good' cameras and I'll need to do a lot of research (any help you can give me would be great. Please feel free to send me a tweet).


Wherever we travel to, home is where our heart is and in the year of 2014 I am very excited to be moving back to my home town. But this doesn't mean that I'm not taking my travel adventures with me. Once we have our new home, my next project will be to create a montage wall using a range of frames that will all have a trinket (postcard, photo, map, ticket stub) from our latest travel adventure in the USA and Central America.

The next thing on my list is the fabulous smelling Yankee Candles, of course there's a Christmas one, but they also do scents from all around the world! Bahamas Breeze is one of my favourites. Finally, I am obsessed with map cushions. I love these two with visit America and postcard prints - a definite purchase for our new home. 


No matter how many products I have, a girls bathroom is never complete without some new beauty treats at Christmas. I also find that Christmas is the perfect time for stocking up on travel beauty items as most gift sets are made up of smaller versions of products. Soap and Glory are great for producing these and their products smell amazing. I'm also in love with the whole range of Marc Jacobs perfumes, the smallest ones are perfect to take on a long weekend away or a travel adventure. 

Another product I'm in love with is the Vitamin E range from the body shop - I luse their Vitamin E face mist that helps to keep your makeup on for longer - but at Christmas they always bring out miniature beauty sets which are perfect to take on trips and in hand luggage. This final product I have been lusting after for a while and I think I may just have to go for it, if I don't get it for Christmas is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Set. My bestie, In The Frow, raves about this product and has mentioned how perfect it is to take away travelling as you have a good range of colours to choose from. 


Now these choices, minus the backpack, are a little too expensive for my family members to buy and so they may be something that I save up to buy over time. To begin, I really like the style of Ray Ban sunglasses, I have a pair of their gold rimmed aviators and I adore them. However to add a little more variety in my sunglasses,  I wouldn't mind investing in a pair of their classic black wayfarers. Below these Ray Ban beauties are the cutest ballet pumps I have ever seen from the outrageously fabulous Vivienne Westwood. These are maybe more of a 'dream' item, but I love a good pair of ballet pumps to walk around in when exploring a new city. 

Next up is this beautiful stainless steel chronograph watch from Michael Kors - a brand which has exploded this year - everyone in America seemed to be carrying a Michael Kors tote bag. My dad always tells me to invest in a good watch that will last and I feel that this may be one of those watches. My final Christmas wishlist item is this cute backpack from Areopostale - I saw this store in Times Square and gave it a miss, doh! - But I have fallen back in love with backpacks after my satchel broke mid-way through travelling and so something like this would be perfect. 
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