Farmers Market : Pier One San Francisco

Over the years I have seen countless movies and read a number of travel articles that talk about farmers markets in the US. In England, we have daily markets spread throughout the country, but I had never seen one quite as spectacular like this. (Or maybe I'm just missing something and need to be more observant. 

Situated in Pier 1 in San Francisco and set against the harbour deck to the Bay Bridge, I had my first experience of a organic farmers market. This is where everything is grown locally and has not been genetically modified to suit the needs of the dominant niche of American "super-size me " audience. 

Walking around the markets there were a range of amazing smells from fresh cut herbs to spicy chillis and a whole host of other amazing fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, meats and fish. 

The colours surrounding me where out of this world and I can definitely see the appeal in buying fresh ad local produce.

This is also reflected in the cliental of health conscious hipsters and affluent active Americans who genuinely enjoy carefully selecting their weekly groceries and placing them into their reusable bags. This sounds like I'm mocking them, but I'm actually not and I feel this is something England needs more of! 

I have also never tasted fruit and vegetables as fresh as I did at this farmers market. If you love good food, then this place is definitely worth a visit if you're coming to San Francisco

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