Wanderlust Fashion: American Inspired Halloween Costumes

I may have mentioned this before...but I love love love Halloween. Whilst travelling around America, I am currently in a Halloween frenzy with towns, people and bars advertising their extravagant Halloween parties in the build to the spookiest night of the year.

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Therefore, I thought it would be amusing and for some of you slightly inspirational to make a Wanderlust Fashion based on American inspired Halloween costumes.

Obviously, I could have gone with so many more states and costume themes, such a a Texas Cowgirl or Hula Girl from Hawaii, but I opted for a few popular choices. 

From left to right we have New Orleans Mardi Gras outfit, a 1940s Chicago Flapper girl outfit, an all American superhero costume (or Lady Captain America), Caribbean Pirate (yes this is technically not American but think of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ride which is in America hehe) and finally we have the classic Hollywood Icon, Marilyn Monroe.
To find out where to buy these costumes visit my Polyvore Board. 

Now I realise that these outfits may seem a little too "sexy" for some people's taste and so you can always opt for the option that my bestie, In The Frow, did when we attended a Halloween Party a few years ago. She went full out gore-inspired Marilyn which looked great!

Halloween Tweets

So, what Halloween outfit are you choosing this year? Witch, Zombie or something extra creepy? And where will you be spending your Halloween this year? Let me know @eattravellove on Twitter. 
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