Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling: How to do it without a tour

As this is my first time to Mexico and Mexico City, I was a little sceptical at first. I'd read numerous articles on petty crime and theft against tourists or "gringos" as you may be called. 

So when my boyfriend suggested that we go to the Arena Mexico to watch Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) without a tour, I thought he had gone insane. Reading forums feeds on trip advisor there were very mixed reviews about the neighbourhood and area. However, it turns out that the negative reviews are mainly written by the tour companies themselves in a bid to get you on board with them. 

Your average Lucha Libre Mexican Wresting Tour will go for around 350 Mexican pesos (£17.50), this includes a guide, a bus and a souvenir T-shirt of some kind. You will also get the bus with another group of tourists to the arena.

Now I'm not saying that this is a bad choice. If you're travelling alone or maybe as two girls, I would maybe suggest this, as it's a "safer option" in theory and you don't have to think about subway systems or getting lost in the area.

However, if you're travel smart and have been to places like Barcelona before then you will have no issues doing this on your own, as a family or in a group. 

Step One: Mexico City Subway & Getting to the Arena Mexico

The first step is to figure out how to get to the Mexico Arena. This can be easily accessed through the subway system which is just like the one in London, Paris and New York. They are all colour coded. Metro tickets are 3 pesos (£0.15) each way, but to be extra prepared you can buy two tickets so you don't have to go to the ticket booth on your way back from the wrestling match.

We were staying in Zocola and so we took the blue line for one stop to Pino Suarez and then went four stops on the pink line to the Cuauhtemoc stop. 

Exit at this station and from here it's maybe a 10-15 minute walk. There are location maps around the metro station which tell you what road to take to the arena. The neighbour hood is fine and safe. We arrived there at 7pm and it was dark outside.

There are bars and lots of street stalls selling food, drink and wresting masks. I enjoyed a tasty corn on the cob from a street vendor for 20 Mexican Pesos (£1). As long as you keep your wits about you and you're not flashing money/phones around you will be fine. 

Step Two: Buying Mexican Wrestling Tickets 

Obviously you can go and buy your tickets from a tour operator, which will be three times as much as if you buy them on the door. There are almost always tickets available. We went on a Friday night, which is meant to be the "big night" and paid 85 Mexican Pesos (£4.25) from the ticket booth. Warning: Don't buy from the ticket tours as you will also pay more here, a simple "non gracias" will deter them. 

Step Three: Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy The Wrestling 

Once you have your ticket, you enter through the arena doors, where you and your bag are searched. Females are searched only by female security staff and men are only searched by male security staff. I read that cameras get confiscated, but I personally didn't see that happen. 

Once you're in there the food and drink is also very cheap. There are people coming around throughout offering tacos, popcorn, crisps (chips) and pizza. We had four beers which cost 140 Mexican Pesos (£7) and two small Dominos pizzas which cost 80 Mexican Pesos (£4). 

After watching four crazy wrestling matches of ladies, guys and midgets we exited the stadium at 10:30pm with everyone else and walked back to the metro stop. Taking the same route we had the first time we got back safe and sound to our hotel. 

If you are a little self conscious about getting the metro back after the match then there are plenty of taxis going up and down the main road from where you take the tube stop. I've read and been informed that a taxi back to Zocalo from the Arena Mexico is around 30-50 Mexican Pesos (£1.50-£2) however his may vary depending on where you stay, so I would check with your hotel reception. 

Overall, my cynical self had been well and truly owned and I've saved myself over 200 pesos (£10) as my transport + ticket only cost me 91 Mexican Pesos in total and I had a great night! A must see if you're visiting Mexico City. 

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