Day of the Dead Festival: Mexico

Without doubt this is one of my favourite times of the year...Halloween. This year I will be celebrating it in Tijuana or New Mexico, depending on the dates, and I’m so excited to see the El Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead Festival.

This Mexican Holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico and is a festival on the rise throughout the world. People in Brazil now celebrate this day as Dia de Finados and in Spain there are parades and festivals.

Day of the dead dias de los muertos 15 20111102

Day of the dead dias de los muertos 8 20111102
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Pre-celebrations begin on October 31st and continue until the 2nd November, which connects the catholic holiday of All Souls & Saints Day. Bringing together family and friends, Day of the Dead is all about celebrating and praying for the lives that have been lost.


Using sugar skulls, marigold and gifts, it is tradition to build altars or shrines of the deceased and take these objects to their graves.

Photo: Graveyard on the Day of the Dead
I’m so excited to be experiencing this and no doubt I will follow up with a part two to this blog post
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