Chicago Town Pizza at Lou Malnatis

Without a doubt, Chicago is easily within my top 3 US cities. From the soaring skyscrapers to the iconic Wrigley Field baseball ground, Chicago is also know for its tasty deep pan pizzas.

When staying at our hostel, we got chatting to group of German guys who highly recommended a traditional and authentic pizza house called Lou Malnatis.

As we approached the restaurant the place was very busy with people sat outside and inside the restaurant. 
We chose to be seated inside as it was a little chilly out and I loved the inside environment; warm beige walls that were decorated with pizza pans, whilst we sat at rustic Italian style tables. 

Perusing through their Italian food menu, we decided to go with the classic Chicago deep pan pizza that served 3 people. Beware! These dishes are not for the faint hearted. 

Combining layers of fresh tomatoes, copious amounts of cheese and thick spicy sausage each slice of pizza pie is so filling and intense. 

Our waiter was also really friendly as he asked us how our day was and constantly refilled our glass with ice water. He also boxed up the other half of our pizza that we were too full to eat. 
In total our bill came to $25 including tax and tip for our medium pizza.

Next time I think a small pizza would be more than enough for the two of us. 

But I highly recommend paying a visit to Lou Malnatis, for more information visit

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