5 Beauty Essentials for Airplane Travel

We all know that travelling for short or long distances on an airplane can leave you feeling body feeling grubby, your skin feeling dry and your looking like it's been dragged through a bush backwards. 

Yes ladies, it happens to the best of us. Especially me after a long haul flight. 
I have previously blogged about my must have essentials in my backpack. 

But I thought it would be handy and helpful to let you know what my travel beauty essentials are for when I board a plane. 

Previously, it would not have been this much, but seeing as I'm currently doing #ETLUSA, I figured I'd do an updated version of things that I now need to help me get refreshed after my plane journeys.

1) Burt's Bees Lip-balm 
Ok, so it doesn't have to be the Burt's Bees brand. But I can not get enough of the Burt's Bees lip balm with pomegranate oil. I suffer very easily from chapped and dry lips and so I need a good balm that soothes and moisturises my lips and for me this brand is perfect. 

2) Johnson's Face Wipes 
Not matter how many brands if face wipes I try, I am still to find one that tops Johnson's fantastic range. They help to remove dirt and all traces of eye makeup. Available for dry, sensitive, combination and normal skin; these wipes will help to refresh your face, neck and hands after or during a long flight and will leave your face feeling fresh and clean. 

3) Hairbands / Bobbles
Such a small and simple thing to take for granted. But trust me there's been times when I would have sold my soul for a trusty hair band during a long flight. You start out with all the good intentions of chic tousled locks for an 8 hour flight to New York City, wanting to land looking as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw. Then you pop to the on board toilet to see the horrifying image of your hair which is now less Carrie and more Kate Bush.
Simply pulling back all your hair into a sleek pony tail will help to refresh your look after a long flight and hence why these one of my beauty essentials.

4) Mini / Sample Perfume
During university, I used to work for the surf brand Roxy. We used to have hundreds of samples of their fragrance to hand out to customers with purchases, but we all would sneak a few samples into our bags for nights out. This size perfume is perfect to slip into your carry on luggage so that you can arrive smelling great. 

You can either buy the small bottles from most pharmacies or ask at a beauty counter for a free sample of your favourite perfume. 

5) Make-up Refreshers 
With today's 100ml restrictions, we need to think carefully about what cosmetics and beauty products we want to take in our hand luggage. 

At the minute, I can't live without my BB cream, bronzer and mascara. My BB cream moisturises my face, corrects any imperfections on my skin and gives me a balanced complexion. My bronzer helps to add a little colour to my face, which can look seriously washed out after a long haul flight. Finally, my mascara really opens up my eyes and enables me to look a little more human when arriving in my chosen destination.

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