5 Free Things to do when delayed in an Airport

I am currently writing this blog post whilst delayed in New Orleans. We're about to take two flights to Chicago. However, due to severe weather warnings in Texas we currently nearly 3 hours delayed and still awaiting confirmation from the air traffic control for our flight to leave. 

So, me and my boyfriend thought it would be handy to give you 5 free tips on what you can do if you're flight is delayed.

1. Take advantage of free wifi
The majority of airports around the world now offer free wifi for passengers. Whether it's reading your favourite travel column online or chatting to your friends through Whatsapp, Skype or Facebook; having free Internet access can help to pass hours by.

2. Research up and coming travel destinations 
Planning on reading your Lonely Planet guide book on the plane? Or just finding a tour guide when you're at your detonation? Now is the perfect chance for you to plan and read up on some must see destinations of your next travel location(s) and discuss it with your fellow travel party.

3. Entertainment: Books, games or a movie
Key essentials in my hand luggage are 2-3 movies and a good playlist on my iPhone or iPod, a book (or Kindle if you're new school) and a good old fashioned pack of playing cards. All of these things are free to take with you and can help to kill hours. 

Not to mention the hours you can spend, like my boyfriend, playing Candy Crush (yes I outed you) and other free games through the App Store.  

4: Keep Refreshed and Hydrated
Obviously due to strict airline laws, you are no longer able to liquids through security. However, you can take an empty water bottle through and most airports have water fountains for customers. Keeping hydrated will help you to feel much more alert and focused for any updates or changes to your flight. 

Also you can go to the toilet (bathroom) and freshen up so that you don't feel grubby after waiting for hours for your flight.

5: Relax and wait it out
Whilst writing this post, I've seen and heard a number of people complain and get frustrated with the airline for the flight being delayed. One women even walked off and paid $400 for a new ticket to her destination after being so frustrated with the delay. But the truth is, you can't control weather or any airline delays. So the best thing to do is sit back, relax and keep calm. 

Pack a neck pillow and scarf in your carry on luggage so that you can sit comfortably in the departures lounge and maybe have a little nap before you're flight. 

So wherever you may be delayed, we hope this helps :) 
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