Wanderlust Fashion: Types of Shoes For Travelling

As I am about to embark on my latest adventure around North, Central and South America, in amidst the excitement and planning, it dawned on me that I would need to seriously think about my footwear as I visit different terrains and climates when backpacking.


With little space and a million other things to pack in my backpack, I have been searching the internet for weeks now for the perfect footwear my latest backpacking adventure; and so, I thought it would be helpful to any of you ladies who are looking to do the same.

One thing to note, is to make sure that all you break in all of your shoes before you to go avoid blisters and sore feet!

If you’re going to a warm/hot climate, then choosing the right sandal and/or flip flop can mean the difference between walking that extra mile to see a beautiful landmark. Personally I have invested in a pair of Havaianas as a basic rubber flip flop and then I have a pair of tan leather sandals with a thick wooden sole.  There is always the option to invest in more intense walking sandals such as the ones on the right hand side of the wanderlust board for trips that require rigorous and long walking activity.

For more information on travel sandal brands, the Lonely Planet forum gives some pretty good advice.

For me, personally I love to pack a pair of simple ballet pumps with a good sole, when I embark on a travel adventure. They are perfect for a city break or to wear out at night time when dressing up an outfit. But there are also a range of other flats out there if you're not into the ballet pump style. The popular brand Toms, offer a range of colours and designs and can be thrown in the washing machine when dirty. Then there is always the canvas style flat that are perfect if you would like a lighter shoe. 

This range of shoes is probably one of the most important shoe ranges that you will take travelling with you. From short walks to long treks, your trainers/walking shoes are something that shouldn't be taken lightly. For my travel adventure, I will be take 2 out of the 3 from this list, my trusty Converse and my Nike sneakers. Seeing as I'm not planning on going on long treks,I figure these two will be perfect. However, if you're looking to invest in serious walking shoes, then head over to http://walking.about.com/cs/shoes/a/shoetypes.htm.

As we have previously discussed, the type of walking boot you embark on is entirely dependent on your travel adventure. When I was travelling in New Zealand, my everyday boot was a pair of UGGS. However, when I hiked into the Franz Joesph Glacier I rented a professional hiking boot. 

All of which were extremely comfortable in different situations. If your looking for the 'Top 10 Hiking Boots' then the Telegraph have written a pretty good article. 

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