NYC Accommodation: Broadway Hotel & Hostel

Our big adventure has begun and let me say these past 5 days have flown by in New York.

It feels like we've walked a thousand miles but it has all been more than worth it. We've taken in the sights and sounds and even some pretty hilarious quotes from the local New Yorkers as we've made our way through the streets and to the famous landmarks. But none of this would have been possible if it were not for the great location of our accommodation, The Broadway Hotel and Hostel. 

Now if you're thinking Broadway as in the  one that is next to Times Square then you would be right in the street but wrong in the location. Yes we are on Broadway, but this street is huge and stretches for the most of Manhattan. 

Our accommodation is located up in Mid-uptown Manhattan. The area is nice, safe and clean with grocery stores, restaurants and Starbucks located on the main road. You are also very close to the 1 (red) subway line which runs from the top to the bottom of the island. 

Personally, I think this a great location. It is a 15 minute walk from Central Park (west side) and the Museum of Natural History. To walk from our accommodation down into Times Square this takes around 60-90 minutes depending on your spend. Whilst staying here we walked twice and really enjoyed it as we were able to embrace the happenings of New York City. 

However, if the idea of walking long distances in humidity put you off then there is alway the option of the subway ($2.50 a ride) or a yellow cab. 

People always have an opinion on hostels and especially dorm rooms. Granted there are a few out there that are nasty but then there are a lot which are great. For $40 a night we stayed in a 2 bed dorm. This meant a room with bunk beds, air conditioning, secure lockers and a small sink to wash your face and brush your teeth with. 

The bathroom was located right outside our room and was cleaned every single day. In terms of hygiene I can't knock this place. Everyday we've come back to fresh sheets, made beds and new towels. 

The first amazing thing about this hostel is complementary wifi. This runs throughout the hotel/hostel and allows you to keep up to date at no extra cost. Downstairs you have a two plush lounge areas where you can watch your choices of DVDs or TV on the big screens. Located in this area is also a PC area where you can go online. They also have a small coffee bar that serves snacks and drinks for under $10. 

There is also a small kitchen area that includes a large fridge/freezer to store an items in, a kettle, toaster, microwave and mini oven. This area is surrounded by stools and tables to eat at. 

Overall, I have really enjoyed my stay at the Broadway Hotel and Hostel. The staff are friendly and welcoming and it's in a good location for what you pay. 

For more information on the Broadway Hotel and Hostel then please visit
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