New York Food: Ellen's Stardust Diner

Words can not describe how amazing this place is! If you love classic American food and broadway musicals then this is a place I highly recommend you visit.

Located off Broadway and West 50th you can't miss the bright lights outside of the fabulous Ellen's Stardust Diner...a place recommended to me by a number of people who had previously visited NYC, I knew I had to visit the moment I heard about it. This is a 50's inspired diner with all that jazzzzzzz...

We attended the restaurant at 8:00pm on a Thursday night and safe to say it was packed! Disco lights, broadway classics and the smell of all American food cooking away. 

So, how does it all work? 

The staff here are all aspiring broadway actors and actresses who have amazing voices! As you dine away, on very large portions of food, you are serenaded by the staff to some truly amazing broadway classics - producing an electric atmosphere, you leave here feeling nothing but full and excited by the entertainment you have just received. 

So to the food... 

Well our bill was a total of $52 including tip. This included two large soft drinks, 1 NYC Patty Burger & fries and a Blue Suede Burger & fries. 

The desserts here looked incredible also but we were truly stuffed from the two mains! 

The main menu also delivers American classics such as pizza, mac and cheese and chicken wings with the most expensive mains being around $20 each.

Whether a long or short stay, I seriously can't recommend enough that you must take a visit to Ellen's Stardust Dinner! It's been my best night in NYC by far! 

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