Wanderlust Fashion: Light Layer Jackets

As the summer months are approaching and the travel adventures begin for millions of you ladies around the world, I have decided to create a wanderlust fashion on light layer jackets.

Whether it's a two week trip to Europe or a five month adventure to South East Asia, a light jacket is always a win and a must have travel piece for me when I'm travelling anywhere. You can wear it with a simple vest underneath or layer it up with a vest, jumper, hoody and jacket - depending on where you are in the world.

For me I am a big believer in incorporating a little fashion and style with my practicality when travelling around the world. As I have said before, a nice piece of clothing when travelling can make such a difference to your overall confidence and mood. Which is why you don't always have to choose the boring or unflattering jacket.

You can find a great and practical jacket that is also stylish. This summer the high-street is full of beautiful and bold prints for a range of prices to suit any budget. I have chosen to select a few of my favorites from ASOS as they ship worldwide and offer a range of jackets at all prices.

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