Wanderlust Fashion: Travel Swimwear by Country

For those of you living or travelling in the UK at the moment, then you will know we have glorious sunshine that is rivaling some of Europe's hotter countries like Greece and Italy.

I have also noticed that there are a number of high-street brands out in full force to promote their fabulous bikini ranges for the summer months. I think you will all agree that when travelling to a warm climate, a good bikini is a must have item.

When taking a short (up to a month) travel adventure - where packing space is rather liberal - it is always a nice option to pack 5 or 6 different Bikinis. However, when taking a long travel adventure of +2 months,  it is important to make these choices carefully. I recommend having a classic colour, floral print and a bright print.

From a cruise on the French Rivera to surfing on a Hawaiian beach, I have created a fun little Polyvore board  for this months Wanderlust Travel that gives an overview of travel swimwear for four different countries - Greece, Paris, Peru (Amazon Jungle) and Hawaii.
Travel swimwear items are from www.newlook.co.uk.
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