Elephant Trekking Trips in Thailand

For me Thailand was my first big travel adventure and it will always have a special place in my heart. For those of you who have visited Thailand, it is out of this world in terms of the atmosphere, the kindness of the locals and the stunning landscapes.

Whilst travelling around Koh Samui, before visiting Phuket, we decided that we would like to go on one of the famous elephant treks. There are so many treks to choose from, that you can book through your hotel reception or online, for us we booked this at our hostel/hotel reception for 850THB which is the equivalent to £18.00 or $28 * and it was for half a day as it was incorporated into a full day tour and our morning was spent at a waterfall.

Our tour was ran by Eco Tourism Koh Samui and we were picked up at our hostel/hotel at 8:00am in the morning. We were then taken to two little wooden huts in the Thai jungle, were we were greeted by two friendly brothers, who insisted we call them both Sam, who explained to us how they looked after the three elephants, what their names were and what their favourite fruits were.

After meeting the elephants and feeding them with some fruity treats, the elephants were saddled up and we climbed a little wooden ladder so that we could sit on the elephant - for anyone who has done this, it is soooo strange and overwhelming feeling to be sitting onto of a giant elephant – anyway, once we were on the elephant we then began I trek further into the jungle.

Guided on foot by the two Sams, we began trekking further into the Thai jungle and for the next 30 minutes we went through river streams, palm trees and muddy paths. The two Sams also stopped and let us have a great photo opportunity, were you could move out of the saddled seat to sit on the elephants neck – I was too much of a wimp to do this, however my travel partner in crime did and said it was amazing.

As we heading back to the elephant camp, we got to feed the elephants some more fruit after their trek and then watched them have a giant hose pipe bath which they seemed to love.
Overall this experience is one that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to travel Thailand. The combination of beautiful Thai scenery and being with the elephants is such a peaceful and tranquil feeling.

Note* If you like to be prepared and book online before you leave for your trip, then you can check out Trip Advisors page on the best places to take Elephant Treks in Thailand.
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