Air BnB: A Cheaper Way of Travel Accommodation

If you are travelling or like to travel on a budget, then like me, you will always look on the usual or Hostel World sites for cheap accommodation when backpacking.

In recent years there has been the craze of 'couch surfing' with numerous websites allowing people to register their free coach/sofa for travelers to come and spend the night(s) on - I'm always a little sceptical of things like this due to the horror stories that were also once attached to dorm rooms in hostels! I also know lots people who have done this and loved it - so I suppose it's just he luck of the draw :) 

But recently one of my good friends suggested to me that I should take a look at Air BnB. This allows individuals or groups to either rent an entire apartment or book a room. 

You can then filter this down by price and location to suite your needs. 

What's really cool is that they also have a mobile app if you're on the go when travelling. 

Last minute travel accommodation 

I also noticed when I downloaded the app that they have a blue section above the search bar that highlights if you need last night accommodation. 

This could be a really useful - when I travelled Europe sometimes we would turn up at a hostel who would charge us up to 5x the amount that they listed on their website. 

For more information on Air BnB you can visit their website or their how it works section for more information.

Please do let me know how you get on or if you have previously used Air BnB and your experience of it!

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