What Type of Travel Insurance Do I Need For Backpacking?

I think that we can all agree that the dream of seeing a hidden temple or sun bathing on a luscious white beach is our main reasons for booking those flights and taking that travel adventure. However, the reality is that to follow this dream requires a lot of planning such your route, what to pack in your backpack and most importantly how to protect your items.

In a recent #girlstravel chat, we were all talking about being safe when travelling. We discussed things such as how to look out for pickpockets, how to hide your money and always to be aware of your surroundings, whilst still having a good time.

However for some of us, my self included, we have fallen victim to a pick pocket on our travels; which if you are unprepared can ruin your travel adventure. Therefore, it is important to make sure that as well as your money belts and padlocks, that you also have a good travel insurance policy in place.

Recently I began to think about all the different options there are on the market such as individual, annual or backpackers insurance?

So, I have decided to create a breakdown of the different types of travel insurance that is available to travellers. I hope you find it helpful.

What is Single Travel Insurance?

A travel adventure can also be a short term break or a long weekend away. If you want to discover new things, it doesn't always need to be months or years away. Single Travel Insurance is the best option for people who are travelling to a specific destination, such as Australia or New Zealand and can be for as long or as short as you need it.

However if you do decided to go another country, you will need to purchase additional insurance.

What is Annual Travel Insurance? 

Annual travel insurance is a policy that is valid for a year long period and allows you to take multiple trips to different locations for one price. If you take lots of short term travel adventures then this policy is perfect for you as the majority of policies will cover you for up to 30 days per trip - however this may vary and it's best to check the terms and conditions of your policy. 

Personally, if you are travelling for over 1 month or a gap year, it is best to opt for the backpackers insurance below.

What is Backpackers Insurance?

Backpackers travel insurance will cover any traveller who is going to be away from their home country for one extended trip and will be typically valid for 12 months. Another bonus to backpacker insurance is that it incorporates working abroad and a variety of sports and adventure activities that are popular when back packing.  

When further into this, backpacker policies can vary from 90 days to 18 months, dependent on the policy terms and conditions.

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