Wanderlust Fashion: Light Summer Dress

When going on a holiday or a long travel adventure, taking ALL of your favourite pieces is virtually impossible due to space and weight restrictions.

However, we all know that packing that little summer dress can make you feel feminine and confident – especially if you have been travelling for a few days and not had the luxury to take a shower and refresh.

Beyonce is looking fab as she models for H&M's summer dress collection - of course we all look like this when travelling ;)
When I travel either short or long haul, I love to take light summer dresses with me. They are great to roll up tight and don’t take too much space up in your bag.

I tend to opt for inexpensive ones, usually I’ll go to Primark or New Look, so that if I need to (heaven forbid) I can leave it behind if I no longer have space or need to wear them.

As the summer approaches and travel ideas begin to spark, I am now on the look out for summer dresses that are not too expensive.

Recently I browsing Primark's new summer dress collection on their Facebook page and I was pleasantly surprised at their cute collection of summer dresses at an affordable price.

So this month’s Wanderlust is dedicated to light summer dresses.
Images are from Primarks Facebook page.
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