My Top 3 Travel Journals

Whilst visiting friends and shopping in London, we took a trip into Liberty's and I happened to find myself in the accessories section.

Browsing the through the beautiful bright and floral diaries, address books and note pads, I then came across the travel journals.

I know that modern day technology has enabled us to have these amazing things called 'travel blogs', but there's something so nice and traditional about writing a travel journal whilst travelling.

On all my travel adventures I have taken a journal to keep mementos and trinkets, as well as my thoughts an feelings on my travel adventures.

Here are the my top 3 favourite travel journals.

The Mini Orange Case Journal

I absolutely love this, it's a little orange leather notebook that is designed like a suit case and comes with travel stamp stickers.

The Simple Pattern Journal

I love the title in this, amazing adventures, a simple pattern notebook in bright colours.

The Map Travel Journal

A classic travel map and a notebook with string bind, what more could you ask for!

If you would like to invest in these cute little travel journal then visit

By Gwennie Taylor
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