Wanderlust Fashion: April Showers

The month of April is stereo-typically known as being rather rainy in the UK. However, if the recent crazy weather events are anything to go by, then the chances are it will be glorious sunshine and not a hint of rain.

However, that doesn't mean that it's not a perfect opportunity to stock up on the trusty rain coat or also known to some people as a pack-a-mac. From a festival weekend to a year long travel adventure, I would now count a rain coat,mac whatever you want to call it, as one of my travel essentials.

On my first ever travel adventure my mum told me I would need a trusty "pack-a-mac" whilst visiting Europe and reluctantly I took her advice and packed her bright red one from Debenhams. Sure enough, by the time I had reached Berlin, it came in handy, if not for an extra layer, but certainly for keeping me dry on a rainy day visit to the Brandenburg Gate.

Whilst travelling around New Zealand, I thought to myself...it's going to be beautiful weather, surely I won't need a rain coat...right? Wrong again. This time I invested in a trusty New Zealand All Blacks rain coat (when in Rome and all that).

My point is, any travel adventure, big or small, I have always needed a trusty rain coat. Like the one I invested in for last years rainy Parklife Music Festival in Manchester.

The thing is, they are so small and compact, that they can save you from a rainy shower in Paris or a monsoon in Thailand (well kind of).

So I have decided to create another wanderlust fashion board on some of this seasons trusty rain macs, which I hope you enjoy!

From pastels, to floral to bright patent rain macs, the high-street currently has a great range of rain macs to suit everyone's tastes and budgets. Personally, I would say that a rain mac is a great investment to make for any travel adventure.

To see where to buy to buy these cute rain coats from, visit my Polyvore board.
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