How to Pack Your Backpack For Travelling

I know this may sound like a simple concept. Grab some stuff, pack it into a backpack and off you go. Right? ... Wrong.


When it comes to packing your backpack to go off on a travelling adventure, this is somewhat more of a tactical approach and something that I was recently discussing with a few of my fellow travel friends over on Twitter. (@EatTravelLove)

Step One: Make a pile of clothes
The first thing I like to do (which is a little OCD) is to get a pile of clothing, similar to the example shown below, and see how many outfits I can make using my basic 'must have' items. Gradually adding a few more pieces until I can make enough outfits for the time I am going travelling.

For example, on our great adventure to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, I took a total of 22 items of clothing and could make 90 different outfits with them, before having to wear the same thing twice - these simple things when travelling can make a big difference to your trip.

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There are many different opinions and views on how to pack a backpack for travelling. The best way I have found, and many backpack retailers agree, is to lay your backpack flat on the floor and open everything up.

Next, take the piles of clothes that you have decided to take with you and roll them into a small sausage shape. This will allow you to compact more of your clothes into your backpack and make room for other items. 

However when looking around YouTube, I have found some helpful videos from other travel ladies.

Step three...fitting your backpack
Once your backpack is filled with all of your contents, it is crucial that you fit you backpack to your body shape - otherwise you strain and may even injure your back when travelling around.

For us ladies, our frames tend to naturally be smaller on our upper body (shoulders) and bigger on our lower body (hips) - so it is important that the majority the weight we carry is on our hips. Where as for guys this is the opposite way around.

Please note that it is also personal preference on when you fit your backpack - if you choose to do this before or after packing your backpack. However, for me I find that it is better to fit your backpack once you have the correct weight of all your travel items.

Below is another helpful video by the editor of Backpacker Magazine on how to fit a backpack.


So, where ever you are off to in the world. I hope you find these basic tips on how to pack your backpack for travelling helpful!

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