5 Free Museums & Galleries to visit in NYC

New York, New Yorkkkkkkkkkk....sorry I had to.

Lately I have been thinking about taking a trip to the fabulous New York City (as I have actually never been #travelshame).

Whilst researching into what to do and see in New York, I am finding a lot of really cool and interesting museums and art galleries to visit. So, I thought it would be cool to gather a list of the 5 free museums to visit in NYC.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)

Ok, so this one isn't entirely free, unless you go on a "Free Fridays", however if you're an art fanatic like me, you will make the time to pay a visit to the amazing MoMA in NYC.

Located on 11 West 53 Street, Manhattan - tickets cannot be purchased in advance and this weekly event is said to attract a large group of people, so be sure to get there on time. For more information visit www.moma.org.

New York City Hall 

The New York City Hall has been home to the government since 1812 (and let's not forget Carrie and Big's wedding in the Sex and they City Movie hehe). Located opposite the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan, visiting this beautiful historic building you will see the stunning cupola-topped marble hall and visit where Abraham Lincoln's coffin briefly lay in 1865.

Booking a tour at the city hall must be booked in advance. For more information visit NYC.Gov.

 National Museum of the American Indian

Delving into the heritage and history of the American people, the National Museum of the American Indian is located off Battery Park and the historic Bowling Green. Seeing as it's also close to the Statue of Liberty, this free museum often gets missed out by locals and tourists.

The museum hosts one of the greatest collections of Native American art and goes to great depths to discuss the old and new culture. For more information visit www.nmai.si.edu/home/.

NYC Central Park

Yes, I know. Of course a park is free. But with Central Park is a park like no other. Not only is it featured in numerous Hollywood movies, but Central Park is full of free events, statues (such as the giant bronze Alice in Wonderland statue) and beautiful sites such as the Strawberry Fields which is located near the beautiful John Lennon 'Imagine' mosaic (see the picture above). 

For more information on the delights of central park visit www.centralpark.com/guide/attractions.html

NYC Federal Reserve Bank

Tours around the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC operate six times a day, between Monday to Friday. If you're wanting to swim in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck (this is a joke) at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York then you need to book a week ahead - this is not a joke. A tour around this high security volt, gets booked up rather quickly. 

But you can enjoy seeing some of the 10,000 tons of gold reserves that are located 80ft below the ground. Visit http://www.newyorkfed.org/index.html for more information on tours.
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