St Patricks Day Parade

Most people I meet or know have some form of Irish heritage...

For me it's my grandma, who up until the age of 14, lived in a seaside town called Port Rush in Ireland with her brothers and my great Grandma Tilly (Matilda).

One day they decided to move as a family over to England for a better life. And so my great grandma and her sister Peggy, packed up their families belongings, took boat over to Liverpool and then made their way to start a life in the Midlands.

Now every year me and my family celebrate St Patrick's Day! This year I visited the Manchester Irish Festival and Parade.
The atmosphere is always so warm and welcoming as people gather to watch the emerald greens and vibrant oranges pass through the city.
Starting at the Irish Heritage Centre and ending in a festival at the Manchester Town hall, this parade is certainly one to watch!

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