Short Travel Beauty Guide by In The Frow

My best friend over at In The Frow, has decided to write a short travel beauty guide to help you ladies decided on your must have products for a travel adventure.

Short Travel Beauty Guide 

When it comes to short trips away, one must travel lighter than they would actually like to. If you are taking only hand luggage and you are leaving your trusty suitcase at home, packing becomes more of a game of Tetris than a packing-everything-I-own frenzy. This week I am taking a trip to Berlin with a friend for a two day break and as we hope to arrive there a la backpacker, we have decided to travel in the lightest way possible. 
For me that means a backpack that I usually take to the gym, one pair of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes (including the ones I'm wearing) and a bag of makeup and toiletries. Yet, no longer can someone idly stuff their makeup bag into their hang luggage and get away it. Routines and procedures at airports now mean that everything containing liquid must be scooped away into a clear plastic bag, so taking your beautiful Cath Kidston makeup bag is a thing of the past. 
For this reason, the makeup needs to travel light too, and as a beauty blogger at heart this is why I am here. To share with you a beauty guide for a short trip away. 
If you too are going away on a backpacking holiday or hand luggage only weekend and cannot afford to carry all of your YSL, Chanel and Benefit compacts with you, then do not fear as there are other solutions and other products that you can carry along for the ride. You need to travel compact and light without missing any of your staple goodies. 
For washing products, take miniatures of everything you can, utilising empty bottles wherever possible. The tiny sets from the Body shop are ideal, and I am taking a small mango shower gel, a cleanser, toner and a face wash tucked away inside the used up bliss bottle. You of course need a few makeup pads as you don't want to be scrubbing at your eyes with toilet paper. Then I found a tiny little deodorant  perfect for a small break away. If you pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, that is everything for feeling clean sorted. 
When it comes to makeup, it all depends on your activites. If you will be going walking, running or doing energetic activities, you obviously need to wear makeup that will stay put all day and that is fairly basic. If you are going to be going to a party or evening out as I am, you will need to take products that can form both everyday and nighttime looks. This is why I ended up taking a few different products with me. 
Obviously you need the staples such as mascara, moisturiser, a foundation and a concealer. I also took a tiny sample size of my Nars Sheer Glow foundation with me for the daytime. I packed a travel size Nars highlighter in copacabana, Topshop lip pencil, Mac Eye kohl and Pixi liquid eyeliner and Body Shop eyebrow gel. All of these products are amazing and I trust them to do a brilliant job. These products are not too much but just enough to create a full evening make up look. 
After all of the liquid products are dealt with and packed away into little travel bags, there are a few extra products to pack. Make sure you pack one of everything you need but things that can work for day or night depending on how much you apply. A bronzer of course, my favourite being the Nars Laguna Bronzer. A blush, this one being Mac Rosy Outlook, a setting powder by Shiseido and the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to work as an eyebrow colour, eyeshadow and highlighter. 
I also snook in the Urban Decay Ammo 2 palette to give me a choice of colours for the evening. This palette has an amazing selection of best selling shades and can give me a bit more inspiration for the night.
After packing a set of brushes, you are all set. I have packed a Real Techniques large powder brush for bronzer, RT contour brush for my cheek hollows, Mac blush brush for blush and the expert face brush by RT for foundation. 
I have also packed an Clinique eyebrow brush and two Mac eyeshadow brushes so I can mix colours easily. The final piece and most important for me are the eyelash curlers.All of this will fit into three small bags and with the other items I mentioned, should squeeze nicely into a backpack. Hopefully there will be enough room for my passport. Wish me luck!

Victoria writes for In the Frow, a Beauty and Fashion blog where she reviews, compares and styles products she loves. 
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