Hidden Manchester: Richmond Tea Rooms

So I have lived in Manchester for nearly 7 years now and I have only just found this little hidden gem and its called Richmond tearooms.

Situated just off Canal Street and next to Manchester's popular gay village. This tea rooms is not like the ones your granny used to drag you to as a kid. These tearooms are far more magical than that! These tea rooms are inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

When arriving at what looks like a dingy building, I walked up the steps and into the tea rooms, I was greeted with pink and black checked walls. Pink and black drapes, an indoor greenhouse and vintage decorations throughout.

After over coming the excitement, me and the girls sat down to what became an amazing tea party. We each enjoyed a Hatters Tea Party which included finger sandwiches, a pot of tea and scones (very English) for the price of £10.50.

The atmosphere, service and good was all amazing! And I would highly recommend that if you're in Manchester. Then you pay them a visit!

For more information on them visit www.richmondtearooms.com/ or to see their tasty delights and amazing rooms then follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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