Manchester VS Lincoln Christmas Markets

The month of December sees the majority of towns and cities throughout the UK experience an authentic European Christmas markets.

As a habitant if Manchester, I have visited the Christmas markets every year, filled with excitement and glee in the run with the countdown to Christmas.

But this year, my parents suggested that me and my travel partner is crime visit the Lincoln Christmas markets.

As this is closer to my home town of Nottingham, my mum and often take the 45 minute trip to Lincoln to visit their festive markets.

So, I thought it would be good to do a comparison on the two:

Parking and Transport

Train: Manchester and Lincoln both have accessible train routes to get right into the city centre and so this is probably the easiest form of transport for most people.

Car: When travelling to Lincoln by car, it is recommended that you take the park and ride into the city. (Which is what we did) its £15 to park a car in a secure 'field' and then regular buses will come and pick you up and take you to the Christmas markets. - There is no parking close to the city or in the city centre, except one two small NCP car parks.

Manchester has a number of ways to park your cars. Either city centre street parking, generic or NCP car parks.

Christmas Market Stores

Lincolnshire Christmas markets are stretched throughout the city, like Manchester, however the main focal point in in the Cathedral grounds.

The stores are nice and sell a variety of cakes, cheeses, beverages and accessories.

The focal point for the Manchester Christmas markets is at the Town Hall, the markets here are little wooden huts, that sell a range of meats, breads, cheeses, confectionary, jewellery, clothing, accessories, carvings and novelty gifts.

Food and Drink

At the Lincoln Christmas markets food stands were set up and the local pubs are the main place to have a cup of mulled wine.

The Manchester Christmas markets had a large bar selling soft and alcoholic drinks. There are also a number I food stands set up throughout the markets.

Overall, if you're looking for an authentic Christmas experience I would personally say Manchester is your bet.

Not because they sell 'amazingly different' products. But because of the small touches, like wooden huts, fairy lights and giant Santa. Making you feel like you have landed in a winter wonderland.

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