Tricks or Treat? | The Best Places to Visit For Halloween


It's one of my favourite times of the year! All Hallows Eve - when we all get dressed up and celebrate all the spooky happenings in the world!

But each year I think to myself, where would be an amazing place to spend my Halloween. So I decided to write a blog post.

New Orleans

With its history (and spooky movies) on voodoo worship, above ground crypt cemeteries and a love of the theatre New Orleans is a great place to visit on Halloween and take a spirit tour through the old cemeteries.

Bran – Romania

This famous spooky location is known for its legendary tales of ‘The Land Beyond the Forest’ and of course Bran Stokers ‘Dracula. Take a visit to Bran Castle the home of count Dracula!

Forks – Washington 

I couldn't resist! I shamefully am a huge Twilight fan – think werewolves and vampires in the depths of the Forests! Forks also has a ghostly history and is known for a lumberjack and women who stroll around the Forks Damn.

London – England

London has a brutal and terrifying history that is well known with literature and films. When visiting London you can take a gruesome history at the London Dungeon and a range of terrifying tours such as Bloody Mary, Jack the Ripper and Sweeny Todd Tours.

New York

New York New York (a place I cannot wait to visit) offers visitors a creative costume Halloween parade in New York’s Villages.

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