Pretty in Paris

Image from magnoliaelectric and we heart it
I have written a few blog posts on Paris. But in truth, this is because I am in LOVE with it. The cafes, the fashion, the art and the lifestyle in general.

In my opinion no one is more chic or beautiful than a Parisian man or women!

I have been lucky enough to visit Paris a few times and it never fails me of being a breathtaking city.

Below I have found a little helpful video on the best 10 places to see in Paris. Also you can check out some handy information on 10 Things to Do in Paris from Time Travel.

Along with my little video, I have also collected my favourite images of Paris, just to get you all in the mood for a little Parisian adventure.

Le Tour de Eiffel 

Le Arc de Triomphe

Le Louvre

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