Move over England, Hello Monaco!

I think it is safe to safe, the English 'Summer' has definitely packed it's bags and moved somewhere far, far away!

So in precisely 7 days time, I will be flying high in the sky on my way to Nice. From here we will take the T1 airport bus into the glamorous  and fabulous country/city/town of Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Here is a little travel featured on the beautiful surroundings of Monaco and Monte Carlo. It really is stunning and a place (if I had the money) would be happy to live and grow old at!

My feelings right now... EXCITED! What to wear? What to wear in the evenings?...Well I have part of my day outfits covered (sad yes I know hehe)

Luckily for me, I have been to blessed to have visited Monaco a few times before, as me an el Bearo have a few contacts there :P.

So until next month exciting blog post on what I have done, seen and eaten... for now I will leave you all with this little perfect picture of Monaco and Monte Carlo.


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