Mulan, Rihanna and my friends adventure to China

A bit of a random title I agree, but it seems that everywhere I go or everything that I see at the moment is inspired by the beauty of China.

During this extremely wet and windy weather the UK is undergoing at the moment, it seems that the Sunday afternoon television is not letting me down, my afternoon entertainment is the amazing and inspiring Disney movie Mulan.

In case you have all been living under a rock (or are simply too young to remember Mulan) here is the trailer. A must watch is all I am going to say.


This leads me onto my next observation of Chinese influences at the moment... it seems that stunning single/actress Rihanna is channelling the Mulan Geisha girl look in her latest collaboration video with Coldplay.

And finally, a good friend of mine and the bears has decided that he is going to move to China. Random yes. But it is actually happening, he decided he wasn’t happy with his life in the UK and so he is off. Of course we wish him all the luck and happiness and hopefully a free holiday and amazing blog update from me).

 So, all these influences of China that seem to be in my life at the moment, I thought I would do a little collection of all the beautiful images I found of China.

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