A Simple Travel Thought...

As you have probably heard/seen me discuss my love of travelling ... (Not guessing for the name of the title).

However standing on the tram on my evening commute home in the cold and windy rain, I find myself (like most working people I'm sure) thinking about a "big move"... As in I pack up my shiz and move me and el bearo to a warmer country.

Then comes the question of, well where would I move to exactly ... 


Well I did like it there but it is a little too far from England.


In all fairness the only place I could see myself living in Europe would be France...and to be even more specific, the south of France!


The land of opportunity and a place I am yet to visit. So I can't judge if I am yet cut out for the the "Oh my god, like seriously" culture.

Maybe when we look at the "big trip" in the next few years, I can then make the decision to as to where in the world I belong. Bur for now, it is just a simple travel thought. 
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