Barcelona Baby... Hello 2012.

As each new year approaches, I promise myself I will loose weight, eat better and learn a language, I also insist that I will continue my love of travel.

What better way to start my new year and welcome 2012 than in the fabulous and vibrant sunny city of Barcelona!?!

So here is my low-down of the Barcelona.

The Hotel:

When looking for hotels in Barcelona we decided we wanted somewhere that has character and charm, and so we decided to stay in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. As we had a set budget, I searched for hotels and private room hostels in Barcelona, through as I usually use this when travelling.

In the end we chose to stay in a humble little hotel/hostel called Ramblo Gothika, situated in the Gothic Quarter and was a 5 minute walk from the La Rambla Del Mer (Barcelona Marina) and La Rambla (main street in Barcelona).

The hotel was such a lovely little place, with a traditional narrow Spanish layout to the room, with patterned terracotta floors and smooth magnolia walls. We also had a quaint little Juliet balcony overlooking the vibrant streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter.

Rambla Del Mar Marina:

Such a beautiful place, full of classic boats and large yachts, Barcelona's Marina is an idyllic place to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine and tasty tapas. There is also a large shopping mall, cinema and aquarium  situated on the marina.

Parc Montjuic:

Situated to the left side of Barcelona, Parc Montjuic hosts a stunning range of fountains, water and light shows and a large palace-like building that is Barcelona's art gallery.

Within this area, my favourite part has to be the font de magica (or the magic fountain show) - a simply amazing site to see in the evening.

The Gothic Quarter

An exciting and characteristic are of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter hosts an array of kooky bars to drink in. With your average beer costing around 2-3 euro and a cocktail from 5-7 euro. Another interesting fact that the tour guides probably don't tell you is that you will find (throughout Barcelona, but mainly in the Gothic Quarter) sellers of beers and drugs. These guys are not aggressive or persistent - and there is no need to feel  scared as a simple "Non Gracais" will do. 

On a more tourist point of view, the Gothic Quarter also hosts:

Barcelona Cathedral: 

Sagrada Famila (Gaudi's Cathedral):

So this is my experience/pictures of the beautiful Barcelona. I am sure there is much more that I did not see and did not get the chance to do. However what I did see what simply amazing!. Oh yes, of course, we went for a trip to see the Barcelona Football team play (El Bearo's choice of course).

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