Isle Esme: A true travel Twihard

Yes, I hear what you are all saying, you used the work 'twihard'! But I will have you know that this common phrase defined as someone who is a die hard fan of The Twilight Saga films. Seeing as I have seen the new movie Breaking Dawn (twice) I needed to blog about Edward and Bella's beautiful honeymoon getaway... Isle Esme.

Where is Isle Esme?

Located of the coast of the vibrant and exhilarating Rio de Janerio. The film see's iconic movie shots of the beautiful city (and of course Edward and Bella looking perfect in each others arms as the dance to the latin music in the streets). Once their siteseeing is complete they head to a private boat that takes them to 'Isle Esme,', owned by Carlisle Cullen as a gift to his beautiful vampire wife Esme.

Throughout the film we see bella and edward explore through luminous green jungles and swim (naked) in a beautiful aqua sea. The house, designed by Thiago Bernardes situated on the beach and is a stunning observatory of the island. With floor to ceiling windows and stunning neutral colours, I am not going to lie - if 'The Bear' takes me here I would be very happy indeed!

Anyway, if you love it or hate it, I hope that you like the pretty images from Rio and the beautiful images of Isle Esme. 

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