Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This blog post is a little out of the ordinary as I usually blog about travel. But then when thinking about breast cancer awareness today at work. The love in Eat-Travel-Love is what I feel for my family and my friends. So you can see where I am going with this.

Each year over 50,000 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the UK. To me that is someone's mum, grandmother, aunty, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter... the list in endless. I have personally had family and friends who have suffered and have recovered from this horrible disease.

Sites such as Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness and Tickled Pink (by Asda) help breast cancer victims through providing support and advice and also ways to donate.

(FYI you can also click on the "Donate and make a difference" tab
to make a donation to the UK breast cancer charities.)

So how can you donate to Breast Cancer Awareness?

Hundreds of UK companies such as Debenhams, LaSenza, Marks & Spencer, Asda and Avon are providing additional ways to donate to Breast Cancer charities through clothing, underwear and accessories. However my favourite was to donate to Breast Cancer is through the limited addition Asda and Brand products.

Asda's Perfect Pink Products

So if you are reading my blog in England, America, Japan, Australia or Russia please think about the inspiration women in your life and how much you love them. By donating a little we can all raise a lot.  

Thank you. 

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