Must-See Visits in Milan aka Mambo Miliano

Coffee, Fashion and Football... Welcome to Milan

I ventured to Milan as apart of my 2007 Euro Trip with El Bearo. After Flying into Italy and exploring Rome and Venice, Milan was our next stop before visiting the glamours Monaco.

We arrived by train into the Stazione di Milano Centrale, as the main trip was through Inter-Railing, and jumped onto a bright orange tram to our little hostel. (located not near the centre of town as advertised)

As we had slept overnight in the Venice train station, our first call of duty was to get some much need sleep, a shower and then venture out to explore the beautiful city of Milan. (One strange thing I noticed in our hostel and im not sure if any of my fellow travellers who may read this will comment, but has anyone seen a bathroom , whilst travelling in any other country than Italy, that has a shower over the toilet? Very strange if you ask me...anyway.)

So here it is, the good stuff to do in Milan. 

Shopping in Milan
Come on this is you all know the shoppingis going to be great, from high street to designer, you can wander around the the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II through the little streets of Oltrarno which is the south side  of the river. 

In the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II you will find all your favourite designers from Gucci to Louis Vuitton to Chanel and even not McDonalds to all us mere mortals...McCafe. When in this shopping centre if you walk out, past Gucci, there is a lovely little Italian Resturant/Cafe that we enjoyed a Peroni and cashews in (and seemed quite cheap compared to other bars). 

Take a Tram to the Last Supper Painting!
Being a lover of anything art, a visit to the last supper painting was definitely a must see for me. I think we took the number 11 tram to a random little area of Milan. When we got off the tram the painting was not advertised or commercialised (I know I was in shock too) instead there was a small sign saying "Buy Your Tickets For the Last Supper Painting". 

I was expecting a large canvas painting on a wall, but was I saw was much more beautiful and breathtaking, you walk into one door that closes to seal the cool air in. After around 30 seconds another door opens and you walk into a room, as you turn right, there it is. A beautiful painting on the wall! There are no words for seeing this picture, it is simply something you just have to see.

Visiting AC Milan/ Inter Milan's Ground
This was something we did for the El Bearo, as he loves football (like any man), and really wanted to go see their ground. It was a nice day. Not my favourite, but a nice day non the less.

The Milan 411 on Safety!
The Milan Cathedral is also a very beautiful site to be seen, however when I visited I could not go in due to renovation work, however I will say this to tourists - when you go to take your pictures be careful and watch out for the guys "selling pigeon food". Watch your bags/cameras/phones as the guys trying to make you buy pigeon food grab your hand and shove a load of feed in your hands and then you get attacked by a hundred pigeons which then leads them to shout in your face to pay them, when you never as to do it in the first place.

If they try this hold your hand to your chest and say no, they will then say it is no charge, but it is and say no again and walk away. 

Overall Milan is a beautiful city and there is nothing to be scared of in terms of safety. However like an city in the world, people will try and scam you, so just be careful.

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