A Winter Tan in Tunisia?

Myself and the travelling bear are thinking about maybe having a New Year / New Year's Eve in Tunisia to get ourself a little winter sun. (seeing as we have decided to postpone our epic New York until next year)

So this is really just a quick blog to see if any of my fellow travellers have been to Tunisia and what did you all think of it? Of course I am now on a (small) mission to research into what exciting adventure Tunisia will offer me... and this is what I have found. 

Tunisia's Wonderful Concoction of Terrains   

Ok so the basics... Tunisia has a population of just over 10.4 million people and is bored on Libya, Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea. The south of Tunisia is composed of the beautiful Sahara Desert , where many 4x4 and camel rides are popular amongst tourists, whilst the rest of the land made up of fertile soil and stunning coast lines that offer stunning coral reefs and diving opportunities.

Tunisia, like many other countries, is said to have a collection of ancient ruins and it also seems that it has a Hollywood influence as the Star Wars movies were shot there.

So after this, very brief research, here is a college of images that just may convince me to get booking a winter holiday. 

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