The weird & wonderful world of Bangkok

Bangkok... a place of mystery, magic and marvellous wonders that a person can only experience first hand.

I believe that in Bangkok every person has their own experience of this amazing place. From ancient golden temples to magical lady boys, I am going to tell you my story of Bangkok.

My Story of Bangkok
Bangkok was the destination of mine and the bear's giant travels. We left London on the luxurious Emirates airlines and of course forgot our tickets as we got into the car. However after 4 bottles of (mini) red wine, 3 time zones, two planes and a lot of huffing and puffing we finally arrived in the humid heat of Bangkok.

(Anyone who has been/stayed within South East Asia can appreciate how humid these countries are and how much of a life saver air conditioning is!)

So after being hauled into a yellow taxi, decorated with golden gods and jewel coloured cushions, we made our way to our little hostel off Silom Road. Hidden away down the side of a Thai Taxi rank and a 7/11 supermarket - myself and the bear got a sandwiches and water and called it a night as we were greeted by our lovely Thai hostel owners. (Two lovely Thai ladies who would do anything for you from getting you cheap taxis to leaving cute little "how not to get robbed/husstled in the street" guides in our rooms). Each morning we were greeted by their smiling faces and we even stayed there on our return to Thailand for the flight home.

So here's the most important part...

What to do in Bangkok?

Rama VI Statue

This was actually a pretty cool day - our first day in Thailand - we decided to explore around and found this stunning golden statue and a giant park behind it. This park had a gym for the elderly, a playground for children, a boat house, duck peddle boats that you could go across the lake on, chess tables and the most impression part... giant mofo lizards!

Patpong Ping Pong Show:

Yes you were all waiting for it! Did they, didn't they...well yes we did. We went to watch a ping pong show and my god the things that we saw I will not discuss in full on this blog. I will however say it involved ping pongs, bottle opening, a dart and a banana. Yes this is all true and no I will no longer discuss this as this is something to experience for ones self.

The Grand Palace:

One of the most stunning things you will ever possibly see in your life. Golds, jewels and statues on a grand scale and all an overwhelming amount of detail. The best way I can describe this place is in pictures.

Wat Pho:

Also know was the Temple of the reclining Buddha. A fabulous site to see, which again can only really be described best in pictures.

So here is my experience of the beautiful Bangkok. The best way I can describe it is ... Bangkok is like a modern day freak show. A weird yet wonderful place.

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