The Fabulous Phuket!

Phuket was the third stop of our route through Thailand, after flying into it from Phuket, we were told this place was the Ibiza of Asia. Myself and the travelling Bear stayed at a lovely hotel that was minutes away from the idyllic beaches and crazy night life. 

Beautiful Phuket Beaches
Whilst relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Phuket, with my travelling Bear, I was listening to The Beach soundtrack (some may say it's a cliché - however it is a must do when in Thailand) . Soaking up the golden sunshine I realised that I was lying on the beach listening to Woozy by Faithless. The song from that scene of The Beach, the moment where Francoise comes out of the water as Richard watches on from the busy street.

Thai Kick Boxing

As in anywhere that you visit in Thailand, there is always something to beautiful to see of something fun and cultural to do - so we decided to go visit a Thai Kick Boxing match. For the bargain price of £2.00 we were provided with a private coach, free beer and souvenir t-shirt from our kick boxing night. 

The kick boxing fights start off with the under 8's groups (a little disturbing to see children kick boxing, but I suppose it's just a sport) and work their way up to the professional rounds. After a few beers and a drunken bus ride home - the night overall is a "must see" when visiting Thailand. 

Traditional Thai Food

As all the good Thailand tour guides discuss Thai food is one of the best you will ever experience. Cooked in the streets by the local Thai people you can have your pick of fresh vegetables, dairy, meats, noodles and rices. (I would say to beware of the fried chicken feet and heads and stick insects...unless you're into that kind of thing)

As well as the tasty Thai street food, eating out at a 5 star restaurant is also very cheap. Whilst dining on the finest Thai green curry and sipping beautifully decorated lotus flower cocktails - our overall 3 course meal was around £10.00. 

Overall Phuket is a must go to place in Thailand - a combination of classic Thai culture with a party atmosphere. 

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